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Custom 3D Design Awards

How we work



Client Briefing & Idea Generation

Let's sit together and talk: What are you looking for? What vision do you have? We'll discuss various creative ideas, possibilities, timelines, and of course, budgets.


Concept Design

3D Modelling / Sculpting / Rendering

Our top-notch design team will get behind the drawing table and turn your vision into life via 3D sculpting, modeling, and rendering. The team will generate a variety of visuals to showcase the final concept.



Assembly & finishing of all volumes

After approval of the design, the production starts. We use digital technologies like 3D printing and our vast network of innovative manufacturers. Our studio covers everything, from a 1,5m tall trophy to a series of 1000 miniatures or more. All parts must pass our quality check. Believe us when we say that we set very high standards for ourselves.



Individual, personalized, worldwide shipping

We offer worldwide shipping on a daily base with fast shipment solutions. You choose whether the custom awards are required at the event venue or individual packages need to be shipped to your winners’ doorsteps. High-end packaging, personal notes, … All options are possible.

An unforgettable moment

The moment is here, filled with anticipation. Can you feel it? Excellence and achievement are about to be celebrated.

An outstanding performance deserves more than an average trophy. Our designers create awards that leave an ever-lasting impression. Hold a work of art that captures your dedication. Our awards transcend the ordinary with unique materials and innovative designs. Embrace the extraordinary.

Join those who hold a standout award. Celebrate your success with a one-of-a-kind trophy.

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