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Our Mission

Fabit is a B2B design and production company with a focus on high-end custom products. We are building an online marketplace, are continuously growing production expertise and are expanding to other high value products and markets such as gaming, lifestyle, interior, art, ...

Our Vision

We fight the ordinary through personalization & sustainable digital manufacturing.

About Us

Fabit is a 3D design and production company focused on high-end custom products. We use the power of 3D printing and other digital technologies to design and fabricate exceptional works of art. We are the trusted partner for bespoke products such as trophies, awards and gifts for the coolest brands around the world. The company has served over 1100 customers globally. 

The team of word-class in-house designers and digital manufacturing experts is extremely versatile and has created over 7.500 wonderful designs. We have expertise in designing and producing bespoke products ranging from large one-of-a-kind eye-catchers to series of over 1.000 products. This counts to a total of over 32.500 products shipped globally. 

Fabit is active in many industries, including gaming & Esports, media, sports, corporates, and many more.  The e-commerce personalization platform gives our customers the freedom to create their own designs through an online 3D customizer. In February 2023, we launched our renewed e-commerce platform. The upgraded customer flow makes it even easier to create your own custom products in just a couple of clicks. The platform is fully scalable and new products are added continuously. 

The team is ready to explore new possibilities to develop high-end custom products for your business. Reach out to discuss how we will tackle your challenges.  

Our History

In 2017, Fabit (previously known as 3D trophy factory) emerged as a subsidiary of Twikit NV. Twikit enables companies to offer customized products manufactured on demand easily and at a large scale through digital production techniques. The technology is the foundation of our easy-to-use design customizers on the webshop. In 2019, the Esports and Gaming industry was successfully added to our portfolio. Over the years, we gained the trust of all the leading companies in this industry, resulting in loyal and recurring partnerships. 

In 2023, 3D trophy factory was renamed to Fabit, to get the branding in line with the universal vision of the company. Our expansion into new product categories using our bespoke manufacturing expertise instigated Fabit’s rebranding. 

The go-to partner for bespoke products.

Looking for a trusted partner to help bring your custom product ideas to life? Look no further! Our team is ready and eager to work with you to develop high-end, one-of-a-kind products that meet the unique needs of your business. Let's chat and see how we can tackle your challenges together!

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How we work



Client Briefing & Idea Generation

Let's sit together and talk: What are you looking for? What vision do you have? We'll discuss various creative ideas, possibilities, timelines, and of course, budgets.


Concept Design

3D Modelling / Sculpting / Rendering

Our top-notch design team will get behind the drawing table and turn your vision into life via 3D sculpting, modeling, and rendering. The team will generate a variety of visuals to showcase the final concept.



Assembly & finishing of all volumes

After approval of the design, the production can start. We use digital technologies such as 3D printing and have a wide network of innovative manufacturers. From a 1,5m tall trophy to series of 1000 miniatures or more, our studio has everything covered. It is mandatory that all parts pass our quality check. Believe us when we say that we set very high standards for ourselves.



Individual, personalized, worldwide shipping

Our ultimate goal is to get the goods delivered to their final destination. This by the discussed deadline. We offer worldwide shipping with fast delivery solutions. Whether the precious cargo is required at the venue or individual packages need to be shipped to the players at home, all options are negotiable.

As sales lead at Fabit, I work together with the coolest design and production team. Our client's deadlines make my job really exciting, challenging, but mostly super fun!

I have the opportunity of working on impressive projects with amazing clients. Collaborations I’m really proud of.

Shari Supratno - Sales Lead Fabit

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