Custom Trophy Categories

Our team is specialized in creating high-end custom products using the latest digital technologies. From Esports trophies and sports trophies to corporate awards and sustainability awards, we have a wide range of offerings to suit the needs of any business. Whether you're looking for employee recognition awards, custom medals, custom in-game props, high volumes, plaques, or anything else, we have the expertise and experience to make it happen.

Our in-house designers and digital manufacturing experts help you bring your vision to life. We have a proven track record of success in a wide range of industries, including gaming & Esports, media, sports, corporates, and many more.

At Fabit, we're always looking for new ways to push the boundaries of what's possible, and our team is ready to work with you to develop unique and innovative products that will help your business stand out from the crowd. Browse our custom services categories today to discover your business's endless possibilities.

Esports Awards

The biggest brands in the Esports industry turn to Fabit for their Esports awards, resulting in loyal and recurring partnerships. Our XL trophies are truly unique and unlike any other.

Our custom gaming awards are designed and fabricated in-house by our team of expert designers.

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Sports Trophies

Recognizing and rewarding the hard work and dedication of athletes is essential. That's why we offer a wide range of sports trophies tailored to fit the specific needs of any sport or competition. Our sports awards are designed to capture the excitement and energy of the competition, adding an extra level of prestige to the proceedings.

We offer a variety of sizes and styles, from small participation trophies to large, impressive ones for champions. Each design is customizable to your needs, making it a personal touch to your award ceremony. Make a lasting impression with exclusive sports awards.

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Corporate Awards

Corporate awards from Fabit recognize and reward the hard work and dedication of employees and teams. Our wide range of options are tailored to fit any business need. Our awards capture the spirit and achievements of your company and add prestige to recognition events.

We have the expertise to create corporate awards that match your desired style, whether that be traditional, playfull or modern. Customizable designs, sizes and styles for all achievements, from tokens to impressive awards. Treasured keepsakes, recognizing individual and team achievements, anniversaries, retirements, and special occasions.

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Sustainability Awards

Sustainability is an increasingly important aspect of modern business, and recognizing the efforts of companies and individuals to make a positive impact on the environment is vital. Fabit offers a range of sustainability awards that are designed to acknowledge and celebrate the environmental achievements of organizations and individuals.

By choosing Fabit for your sustainability awards, you are not only recognizing the efforts of your team and partners, but you also showcase your own commitment to sustainability and making a positive impact in the world.

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Employee Awards

Employee recognition awards are an important way to show appreciation for the hard work and contributions of individual employees. Fabit offers a wide range of employee awards that are tailored to fit the specific needs and requirements of any organization.

Our employee awards are perfect for recognizing individual achievements, milestones, and long-term service. These awards are a powerful tool for boosting morale, improving retention and showing employees that their contributions are valued by the organization. By choosing Fabit for your employee awards, you can be sure that your recognition program will be effective in motivating and inspiring your team.

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Our Way of Working



Client Briefing & Idea Generation

Let's sit together and talk: What are you looking for? What vision do you have? We'll discuss various creative ideas, possibilities, timelines, and of course, budgets.


Concept Design

3D Modelling / Sculpting / Rendering

Our top-notch design team will get behind the drawing table and turn your vision into life via 3D sculpting, modeling, and rendering. The team will generate a variety of visuals to showcase the final concept.



Assembly & finishing of all volumes

After approval of the design, the production starts. We use digital technologies like 3D printing and our vast network of innovative manufacturers. Our studio covers everything, from a 1,5m tall trophy to a series of 1000 miniatures or more. All parts must pass our quality check. Believe us when we say that we set very high standards for ourselves.



Individual, personalized, worldwide shipping

We deliver your high-end trophies and awards in time for your event. We offer worldwide shipping with fast delivery solutions. You choose whether the custom awards are required at the event venue or your winners' doorsteps.

Custom Medals

Medals are a timeless and traditional way to recognize and reward the achievements of individuals and teams. That's why we offer a wide range of custom medals that can be customized to suit the specific requirements of any organization or event.

Our custom medals can be used for various occasions, from sports competitions and employee milestones to civic and community events. They are a perfect way to recognize outstanding achievement and are a tangible reminder of the recipient's accomplishment. By choosing Fabit for your custom Esports medals, you can be sure that your recognition program will effectively motivate and inspire your team.

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Custom In-Game Props

Fabit creates real-life replicas of custom in-game props using 3D printing and additive manufacturing. Our experts craft highly detailed and authentic props, including melees, equipment, interactive items, and environment pieces, tailored to match the game's style and aesthetic. We bring fans closer to the game with high-quality, accurate props that can be displayed or collected. Experience the virtual world in a whole new way with Fabit.

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High Volumes

When it comes to fulfilling orders, some businesses and events require large quantities to meet their demands. That's where Fabit comes in. Our advanced digital manufacturing technology allows us to handle high-volume orders efficiently and effectively, regardless of the quantity needed, whether it's a single product or thousands.

Our digital manufacturing processes allow us to quickly and easily replicate products, making it easy for us to meet the demands of large-scale orders. Additionally, we have established processes and quality control measures to ensure that each product meets our high standards, even in large-scale production.

With our ability to supply high-volume orders, Fabit can support businesses and events of all sizes. You can trust us to deliver high-quality products in the quantity you need, on time, every time.

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Custom plaques are an elegant and timeless way to commemorate special events, achievements, and milestones. At Fabit, we offer a wide range of custom plaque options that are tailored to fit the specific needs of any organization or individual.

Our plaques are crafted with the finest materials and the highest level of attention to detail, ensuring that they are both visually stunning and highly durable. From classic wooden plaques to modern acrylic designs, we have the expertise to create a truly unique and meaningful plaque that will be treasured for years to come.

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Other Custom Products

The possibilities for custom products are virtually endless. That's why we offer the ability to create a wide range of other custom products on request, to help businesses and organizations generate new revenue streams and stand out from their competitors.

Whether it's a unique product line, limited edition merchandise, or special promotions, our team of experts has the experience and creativity to help you bring your ideas to life. We use the latest technology and techniques to produce high-quality, custom-made products that are tailored to your specific needs.

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