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At Fabit, we're experts in creating highly detailed and accurate replicas of in-game props using the latest 3D printing and additive manufacturing techniques. We aim to bring in-game props out of the virtual world and into reality for fans and collectors to enjoy.

Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to create in-game props that not only look like the ones in the game but also feel authentic. We offer a wide range of options for in-game props tailored to fit the specific needs of any game or project, including weapons, equipment, interactive items, and environment pieces.

We understand the importance of fans having something physical to connect with their favorite game. That's why we customize in-game props to match the style and aesthetic of the game. Our end result is an accurate, high-quality prop that can be displayed or used as a collector's item.

Our in-game props are perfect for fans of all ages and are a great addition to any collection. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality in-game props using advanced technology and techniques. With our in-game props, fans and collectors can bring a piece of the virtual world into their own and experience the game in a whole new level.

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Our inspiration guide for Esports and gaming brands discusses the possibilities of in-game props. This catalog is a valuable resource for companies looking to generate new revenue streams and stand out in the competitive world of gaming. It features various in-game props created for other clients in the past and can serve as inspiration for creating your custom in-game props with us.

From weapons and equipment to interactive items and environment pieces, the inspiration guide showcases the diversity of what's possible and the level of detail and quality our team can achieve. The catalog is a valuable resource for fans of the games looking for a piece of the virtual world. You can find the "Inspiration guide for esports and gaming brands" in the Esports section of our website.

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Riot Games - Valorant Spike

Riot Games MENA team commissioned a life size Valorant spike as an incentive for a massive influencer campaign to launch Riot Game’s Valorant in the Middle East and North Africa.

The Valorant spike was sent to leading names in the game streaming world in a fancy customized box with additional goodies and instructions. The campaign is accompanied by an Instagram filter where you can place the Valorant Spike in augmented reality and win a life size one. 

The 3D printed spike had mechanical features that allowed to open a slider with small props.

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