Inspiration Guide for Esports and Gaming Brands

Create glorious, UNFORGETTABLE moments

Take your events and tournaments to the next level with eye-catching 3D trophies, plaques, and medals. All custom made to reward and honor the winners.

Our Esports-focused inspiration guide illustrates the opportunities that lie within 3D printing by pointing out the multiple benefits of creating unique content.

By using innovative production techniques, we create stunning and complex designs. We strive for sustainability and are constantly on the lookout for eco-friendly solutions.

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Uplift your Events

Go for unique centerpieces to blow away your audience and make the winners proud.

You can count on the support and expertise of our creative team in designing and creating an eye-catching trophy for your tournaments and competitions.

XL trophies offer unique sponsorship opportunities using artworks, logos, and other branding elements.

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Keep it fun and fantasy!

"As designers at FABIT, we look forward to exciting and new design challenges.

Our wide variety of customers allows us to dive into a different universe with every project.

Ranging from abstract art to product design, a fantasy battle axe, or other in-game items.

Our freedom in approaching a new design allows our best ideas to flow.

Lio Desart - Lead Designer

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Hype up your community

The possibilities of 3D printing are endless when you look at hyping up your communities. A couple of examples are:

1) Reward the performances of your teams, individual players, or your employees with unique customized gifts.

2) Set up remarkable marketing campaigns by reaching out to influencers and content creators around the world.

3) Send out unique invitations to let teams know they have been accepted to your league.

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Create multiple revenue streams

3D printing enables you to bring unique game characters to life by extracting it out of the digital world.
Offer this never seen before opportunity to your community.

Together with our mother company Twikit (market leader on customization software platforms), we’ll have the tools to make this happen.

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