Team Heroic receiving their custom trophy: Blast Premier Pro Trophy

The Making of the Iconic Blast Premier Trophy

Fabit has collaborated closely with Blast, the esteemed CS:GO Premier Events organizer, for the past three years. This blog gives a look behind the scenes on how this extraordinary partnership created the exclusive Blast Premier trophy. From initial design concepts to the crafting process, you'll get insights about the innovation and expertise that brought this exclusive Esports award to life.

The Blast Premier Pro trophy, a premium Esports trophy designed by Fabit


Conceptualization and Iteration


The design process began with a vision to create a premium trophy symbolizing achievement within the competitive gaming community. Drawing inspiration from Blast's logo, our teams started brainstorming sessions, exploring various design concepts. Over time, the idea of incorporating diagonal lines into the triangle trophy emerged, adding a dynamic and visually captivating element to the award's aesthetics.

3D printing played a crucial role in shaping the Blast Premier trophy. Using polyamide as the primary material, we utilized 3D printing to bring the design of the award to life. However, we quickly realized that the raw texture of polyamide required skill and precision to achieve the desired level of refinement. To achieve a smooth finish, the award was hand sanded. It is carefully filled to add weight and substance to the premium trophy, ensuring a solid and substantial feel.

The refinement didn't stop there. A vital step in the refinement process involved a vapor fuse treatment that further smoothed the trophy's surface to perfection. After this treatment, the trophy was meticulously hand-sanded once again, ensuring every detail was flawlessly polished.




Finishing Touches


To elevate its elegance, the Blast Award underwent a transformative journey. It began with applying the first coat of silver, followed by adding delicate silver leaf details by hand. This intensive and detailed manual process can take up to a week. Each layer is then carefully sealed with layers of varnish, protecting the trophy's stunning shine and enhancing its visual appeal, resulting in the premium Esports trophy that would become famous.


Detail of silver leaf being added to the Blast Premier Premium Trophy


Unveiling the Trophy


With two silver trophies awarded for the Spring Final and Fall Final and the prestigious gold trophy reserved for the World Final, these iconic Esports trophies represent the success of the Blast Premier events. Each trophy is a testament to the competitive gaming community's talent, dedication, and passion.


G2 Esports: Champions of Blast Premier 2022


In 2022, amidst the intense competition, G2 Esports emerged as the victors of the Counterstrike tournament. The teams had to compete for a staggering prize pool of $1 million. Their calculated gameplay and relentless drive propelled them to the top, captivating fans on a global scale. With a remarkable display of teamwork, G2 Esports presented their mastery of the game. G2 Esports left a mark on the event as the reigning champions, etching their name in esports history while securing their share of the impressive prize pool.


G2 Esports: Champions of Blast Premier 2022


Heroic Triumphs Over Vitality: BLAST Premier Spring Final 2023


In the latest edition of this prestigious tournament, the Danish powerhouse team, Heroic, etched their name in esports history by emerging victorious against their formidable opponents, Team Vitality. With their unwavering determination and tactical prowess, Heroic showcased their mastery of the game, captivating fans worldwide.

Their outstanding performance earned them the admiration of fans and secured their claim to the coveted premium Esports trophy. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this iconic trophy represents their triumph, serving as a tangible testament to their talent, dedication, and the countless hours of training they invested to reach the pinnacle of success. Heroic's remarkable achievement has forever secured their place in the annals of Esports, and their victory will be celebrated as a shining example of excellence in competitive gaming.

Team Heroic receiving the Blast Premier Trophy


The creation of this premium Esports trophy has been an extraordinary journey. From the initial design concepts to the 3D printing, hand-sanding, and finishing processes, every step was taken with utmost dedication. The result is a collection of trophies that symbolize excellence and stand as works of art in their own right. Fabit is honored to have been part of this remarkable collaboration, and we look forward to continuing our shared pursuit of transforming dreams into reality.

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