The ESL Pro League Trophy: an ongoing collaboration between Fabit and ESL

The ESL Pro League Trophy: an ongoing collaboration between Fabit and ESL

We are delighted to have worked with ESL on the Pro League to design a unique award for this exceptional event. This project allowed us to showcase our 3D printing and manufacturing expertise. No wonder this award is in our blog of the top 11 most memorable Esports trophies of 2022.

One of the most well-known esports tournaments in the world, the ESL Pro League hosts some of the top teams and individuals in the industry. The ESL Pro League is a professional esports league involving various video game competitions, including Counterstrike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), one of the league's most popular games. The league has been running since 2015, inviting some of the world's best esports teams and players to battle for large prize pools.

The winners of the ESL Pro League Trophy


Combining Visual Appeal and Functionality


Millions of people watch this event yearly, making it a prestigious and widely anticipated competition. In light of this, the trophy's design had to be spectacular.

Our team worked closely with ESL to create a design that represents the essence of the event. We wanted to design a visually appealing and functional trophy for the winners. After brainstorming and sketching different ideas, we settled on a clean, modern design that used 3D printing technology.


The Masterpiece: A Fusion of Gold and Matte Black


The elegant trophy is made out of 2 main parts: the gold TPU core and the matt black 3D printed base. The core is sprayed with a layer of gold, then coated with gold leaf to give it a beautiful shine. The black base is sanded down by hand and primed to provide a matt finish. The silver logo on the base is also delicately painted by hand. The combination of the black and gold color scheme makes the trophy stand out, ensuring its uniqueness.

Using 3D printing technology was critical to the project's success, allowing us to build complicated and complex designs that would have been incredibly difficult to create using traditional manufacturing processes. This technology also enabled us to construct the award promptly and effectively without losing quality or durability.


The ESL Pro League Trophy

A Collaboration Beyond Expectations


The collaboration between Fabit and ESL exceeded all expectations. Because of this, we had the privilege of continuing our partnership. This ongoing relationship demonstrates ESL's trust and confidence in Fabit's ability to meet their high expectations with exceptional products. We take great satisfaction in establishing enduring connections with our clients. The finished trophy also received high praise from players and fans alike.


Two ESL Pro League custom trophies


Working with such a prestigious organization and being a part of one of the most anticipated esports events of the year was an honor. We look forward to future potential work with ESL to develop innovative and one-of-a-kind products that push the boundaries of design and manufacturing. In addition to the ESL Pro League, Fabit has worked on several other high-profile projects within the Esports industry. Our 3D printing and manufacturing expertise has enabled us to develop personalized products for various events, such as medals and other awards. We are always looking for new challenges, so don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation for upcoming projects where innovative design is needed.

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