Longines Global Champions Tour: Where Equestrian Expertise Meets Exquisite Awards

Longines Global Champions Tour: Where Equestrian Expertise Meets Exquisite Awards

Welcome to the Longines Global Champions Tour, a series of international equestrian events demonstrating talent in the sport. In this blog, we delve into the world of risky competitions, where riders and horses push their boundaries without constraints. Discover the significance of the custom-designed trophies made by Fabit, honoring the achievements of these extraordinary athletes.

Longines Global Champions Tour, the leading organizer of equestrian sports events, is renowned for its commitment to delivering remarkable experiences. The tour hosts thirteen annual events, where the world's top athletes and horses compete for prestigious honors in the equestrian sport. These events serve as a stage to showcase remarkable talent and fuel thrilling competition.


Custom-Designed Trophies in Equestrian Sports


Last year marked the beginning of our partnership with Longines Global Champions Tour. This year, we were able to bring their vision to life in an even more remarkable way. The trophies we designed testify to the motto embraced by the founder, Jan Tops: "My vision is clear, only the best for the best."


Longines Global Champions Tour Trophies


Global Champions’ Spectacular Events


With two simultaneous events taking place, namely the Longines Global Tours Grand Prix and the Global Champions League, there are enough opportunities for athletes to perform their skills and compete for victory. Each event crowns multiple winners, with three winners per event in the Longines Global Tours Grand Prix and six winners per event in the Global Champions League.

Throughout the year, a total of thirteen events are held, averaging two events per month. As the season climaxes, the intensity builds with the finals and playoffs, leading up to a highly anticipated grand finale. Fans can expect a truly spectacular award for the playoffs, promising an even more inspiring design that surpasses all expectations.

The Global Champions Tour has garnered support from the renowned brand Longines, which sponsors these events. This collaboration adds an extra layer of prestige to the tour, further elevating its status within the equestrian community.


Global Champions League Trophies Mexico City 2023


Unveiling the Design Process


The trophy design for the Global Champions League event is tailored to the host city and year of the event. The base, made of Raku-tool material, undergoes a varnishing process to achieve a strong and lustrous finish. One side of the trophy features the printed logo, while the other shows a plexi plate bearing the city's name and year. These plates are embellished with gold, silver, and bronze foil for an elegant touch. The resin 3D printing process ensures a refined appearance, adding to the overall polish of the trophy.

The trophy design for the Global Champions Tour Grand Prix also features a raku-tool base. This is chosen for its ability to provide a smooth and refined finish. The base is coated in a captivating metallic blue color, creating an eye-catching visual appeal. The winner's achievement is commemorated with 3D-printed logos in silver, bronze, and gold finishes. This distinguishes the first, second, and third places, respectively. The white letters, printed onto the base, add a clear and legible touch to the overall design.


Longines Global Champions Tour Awards


This collaboration with Longines Global Champions Tour represents Fabit’s largest endeavor to date. The high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail is evident in every trophy, making them truly exceptional. As a company dedicated to excellence, we take great pride in our role in the equestrian community.

We thank Longines Global Champions Tour for entrusting us with this prestigious project. Fabit is honored to be a part of its commitment to providing experiences to equestrian sports fans and athletes worldwide.

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