The journey of the BLAST Paris Major 2023 trophy

Het verhaal achter de BLAST Paris Major 2023 Trofee

Discover the extraordinary trophies crafted for the final major of CS:GO, the Blast Paris Major 2023. Join and Fabit in celebrating the remarkable collaboration behind these prestigious custom awards. Explore the meticulous craftsmanship and design inspiration that captured the essence of this historic event.

The Paris Major 2023 custom trophy in front of the L'Ouvre museum. Paris Major: A French Esports Spectacle


We were thrilled to be part of the Paris Major, the largest Esports tournament ever held in France. This spectacular event gathered the top teams worldwide, displaying their skill and strategy. It was also a celebration of the vibrant Esports community. As the final major in CS:GO history, the tournament called for trophies reflecting this exceptional occasion's significance.


The Design Process


The design process of the BLAST Paris Major 2023 awards was a meticulous journey. Utilizing materials known for their versatility, we created parts that would come together to form the final trophy.

To capture the identity of Major, we incorporated its branding colors, Blast Purple and Blast Yellow, into the design. The trophies were carefully crafted with a two-tone approach, with the yellow part standing out from the purple triangle. The yellow component was created using two separate shells, carefully shaped and combined to achieve the desired organic shape.

Man holding the Blast Paris Major 2023 custom trophy.


Meticulous Craftmanship


Attention to detail is paramount in the design process. The trophies were designed to be weighty, adding a sense of substance and significance to the awards. The two halves were seamlessly joined together, ensuring the seam was flawlessly concealed. We ensured that the trophies appeared cohesive, with no visible indications of their separate parts.

For the purple section of the trophies, we followed a detailed process. First, the yellow part was meticulously masked to protect it from purple paint during the subsequent stages. Then, the surface was sanded and primed to achieve a smooth and even texture. The final step involved the application of paint and varnish, resulting in a polished, vibrant, and professional finish.

To bring all the components together, the different parts of the trophy were bonded using adhesives. This ensures their stability. The use of adhesives provided strength and ensured a seamless and cohesive look.

Custom trophy for the Blast Paris Major 2023 CS:GO tournament's Identity


Throughout the design process, the blobs' significance in the Major's identity was taken into account. These liquid-like formations symbolized the lifeblood that powered the bots, creating a fun and dynamic visual experience. By incorporating Blast Purple and Blast Yellow from the logo, we stayed true to the event's visual identity.



A Celebration of Victory: Team Vitality


As the Paris Major came to a close, Team Vitality emerged as champions and raised the custom trophy with pride. It was an honor for us to contribute to this moment by creating a trophy that reflected the team's dedication.

Team Vitality celebrating winning the custom trophy on the Paris Major 2023


The Legacy of Excellence


The Paris Major 2023 marked the end of an era in CS:GO history. It also served as a testament to Esports’ remarkable growth and influence. Fabit's collaboration with further reinforced our commitment to delivering exceptional custom trophies for brands worldwide.

The journey of designing and manufacturing the custom trophies for the Paris Major 2023 was an incredible experience. As a company driven by creativity and innovation, we rose to the challenge of creating exceptional trophies. These awards captured the essence of victory and celebrated Team Vitality's success. With each project, we continue to push the boundaries of 3D design, 3D printing, and production. We deliver outstanding works that honor the achievements of the world's finest brands and elevate the Esports experience.

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