Bottle customization: high-end personalized bottles for your brand

Looking to create a limited edition with unlimited design freedom? With our in house expertise regarding the latest design trends and digital manufacturing we can literally take bottle customization to a whole new level.

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Bottle customization - Custom bottle sleeves

Custom bottle sleeve - add a personal touch to your brand

Bottle customization for limited editions is a must. With 3D printing and laser cutting it will exceed anyones expectations.

3D printing enabled a new way of designing. One with more freedom in shapes, structures and geometry. Our designers are experienced in creating those shapes for a variety of products including monumental ones like high-end trophies.

Discover our custom 3D printed bottle sleeves designed for your brand, based on your vision and our expertise. Starting from a conversation we work towards a unique result. We can make accurate simulations of the design and materials digitally before the production heads over to a 3D printing facility.

Exclusive bottle packaging - A traditional look with a modern touch

Ahead of the newest packaging trends: Lasercutted and 3D printed shapes will stand out in both design and eco-friendliness.

We can create a unique brandable packaging solution for your limited editions out of selected materials that suit your brand. Our expertise streches from lasercutted wood, plexi and cardboard to 3D printed or cnc machined boxes.

The materials we use are carefully sourced and processed locally at our production facilities.

Custom bottle packaging lasercutted
Bottle customization with flexible 3D pinted parts

Flexible bottle cover - 3D printed tactile structures

Enter the world of endless possibilities. These 3D printed structures are flexible and offer a tactile experience to your customers.

3D printed fabrics are one of the latest trends in fashion and design. Applied as a bottle cover the structures add a premium look to your brand. The sleeves can be tailor made for all kind of bottles like premium champagne bottles, limited edition spirits or wine bottles.

Our designers will create a distinguishing design matching your brand’s dna, striving for memorable and iconic limited editions.

Customized bottle sleeve factory

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