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Automotive customization

We enable automotive customization for end-user parts through 3D printing and advanced production techniques.
Discover how to incorporate custom car parts in your offering through our design and production fulfillment service. 

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High-end automotive customization - gearshifter

High-end custom car parts

Bringing highly customized parts to live with cutting-edge technology.

Digital manufacturing enabled a new way of product design. One with more freedom in shapes, structures and geometry. In collaboration with our parent company Twikit, we researched several applications for highly customized interior and exterior car parts to serve Twikit’s clients in the automotive.

Twikit holds a pioneer position in automotive customization enabling in 2018 online customization experience of car parts for the MINI brand of BMW group called MINI yours customised.

Our company supported in prototyping and end-part production with 3D printing, lasercutting, leather stamping and elevated full color printing. We developed a fulfillment eco-system enabling development and production of high-end custom car parts.


Production fulfillment for custom parts - a refined digital production process.

Starting from a specific car part and your requests we create and research several possibilities in a product development trajectory.

3D printed inner structures for automotive parts

1. Design

In the first phase we develop part geometry and aesthetics. Our designers are experienced in parametric design, enabling advanced structures on the part surface.

If applicable we either start from your existing digital blueprints or reverse engineer and develop from scratch.

Prototyping custom automotive parts

2. Prototyping

Based on the project specifications we select the most suited manufacturing method. We work with industrial grade 3D printing suited for end-part manufacturing. The major advantage is the fact that we use the same production technology for both prototyping and end-parts, eliminating possible deviations in the final production runs.

Automotive customization - fulfillment

3. Final production

The third phase includes the final production run and incorporation in your eco-system. Each part can be provided with unique ID's for correct tracking and implementation in online and offline sale touchpoints.
The complete fulfillment includes packaging and shipping to your preferred warehouse or the end-user.

Automotive applications:







Exterior parts

Dashboard and side panel inlayS


Performance parts


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