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3D printed metal

From idea to end product, we guide you through the entire process.
We have carefully selected our manufacturing partners in order to guarantee the highest quality metal parts suiting your project requirements.

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Fabit is a one stop metal 3D printing service

Metal 3D printing - design and manufacturing reinvented

The essence of metal 3D Printing is a laser-based technology using powdered metals to create three-dimensional objects by selectively binding particles of the powder. Nevertheless, 3D printing of metals is of uttermost complexity as we have to deal with strong forces within the material like tensions and bending. New technologies have been developed as well as advanced post-processing methods to create industry grade objects with use cases in automotive and aerospace.

3D printed metals provide great opportunities in product design. With less design restrictions we are able to create complex designs that can be finished with a high-end look just like casted objects. Advanced engineering for 3D printed metal parts also lead to material cost, part weight and strenght efficiency.

At Fabit we have in-house experts with decades of experience in metal 3D printing. Based on your specific project we can offer a tailor-made production fulfillment. We rely on a strong network of production partners to provide the most suiting printing and post-processing technology matching your project requirements. 

3D printed metal applications

3D printed metal has found use cases across multiple industries. Our team supplied fulfillment for 3D printed metal products for the automotive industry, medical machinery, high-end fashion and arts amongst others. Each case is handled by our in-house metal expert, who selects the most suitable engineers or designers and production methods for your project.

3D printed metal: example of an engineered part

Metal production and processing methods:

Metal 3D printing is one of our core expertises. Next to several metal 3D printing technologies we also provide other metal processing solutions. Herewith an overview:

Metal 3D printing:
 • DMSL (Direct metal laser sintering)
 • SLM (Selective laser melting)
 • EBM (Electron beam melting)
 • LBM (Laser beam melting)
 • Metal binder jetting
 • Direct energy deposition
 • Laser cladding

Other solution:
 • CNC milling and turning (up to 7 axis)
 • Zinc/wire EDM
 • Grinding
 • Welding
 • Polishing
 • Assembling

All parts/products can be post processed with various treatments such as paint, pvd coating, hot isostatic pressing (HIP) and others. 

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