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Custom gaming equipment and products

Gaming is all about experience. With the rise of popular online streamers, esport tournaments and gaming events, digital assets translated to our physical world create amazing opportunities for unique custom gaming equipment enhancing the experience beyond the virtual.

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Custom gaming equipment manufacturing

Experience beyond the virtual

The immersive world of gaming has been a source of inspiration for our product developers and designers. We created iconic gaming trophies for well known esports tournaments, as well as physical gaming elements used for massive influencer campaigns for special launches.

We are continuously exploring new materials and production techniques to translate digital game art to the real world. By using the latest state of the art industrial 3D printing, metal 3D printing and other digital manufacturing techniques we can achieve complex shapes and high-end aesthetics.

Fabit covers the complete trajectory from product design to prototyping and production fulfillment for custom gaming equipment and products. Our team is ready to be challenged and open to collaborate on new trends and ideas. 


Limited edition headgear - custom gaming equipment

Let your brand's headgear steal the spotlight! High-end custom elements can be developed to fit your brand's headphones in a wide range of materials and finishes. 

Configurable headphones

In collaboration with our parent company Twikit, Fabit can offer customizable products integrated in your online or offline sale touchpoints. The configurator enables the end-consumer to personalize shapes, structures, colors and text through an intuitive user-friendly interface.

After a configuration is ordered, Fabit fulfills the complete production and shipping process. 

Custom gaming products:









Use case
Custom gaming props manufacturing

Valorant Spike collectible - gaming props

Commissioned by the Riot Games MENA team we developed a life size Valorant spike as an incentive for a massive influencer campaign to launch Riot Game’s Valorant in the Middle East and North Africa.

The Valorant spike was sent to leading names in the game streaming world in a fancy box with additional goodies and instructions. The campaign is accompanied by an Instagram filter where you can place the Valorant Spike in augmented reality and win a life size one.

We also shot some footage of our busy hands back-stage while assembling the collectibles in our studio. Enjoy the footage incorporated in the launch video of the actual campaign here:

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