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Custom business gifts

Looking for a valuable product for your business connections, unique corporate gifts or a memorable item to seal a deal?
With the latest 3D printing technologies and design trends, any classical gift can be turned into something truly unique.  

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Custom business gifts - scale model

Business gifts reimagined

Instead of a catalogue product with limited personalization possibilities, Fabit can work with you towards a unique item resembling your brand, message and values. With the use of 3D printing, laser-cutting and other digital manufacturing technologies, we can customize a product to unseen levels of complexity and produce it directly from the digital blue-prints.

We suggest manufacturing methods based on quantities, design complexity and desired materials. With 3D printing, low volumes of complex objects can easily be produced within a short turnaround time (4 weeks). Higher volumes require a manufacturing review to select the appropriate production partner for high capacity 3D printing or injection-molding which take medium to long turnaround times (3-4 months).

Reimagine any object with design and personalization freedom. Our in house product designers already had the honor to create these unique corporate gifts: custom bottle sleeves, laser-cutted bottle packaging, deal gifts, display models and electronics (bluetooth speakers, wireless chargers).

Custom business gifts: Exampels


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