The lucky number seven: an explosive racing trophy.

Hello kitty driving in a pink Audi RS4… Deadpool in an Audio RS7… A Porsche turbo with a fire-breathing fenix… Don’t believe this is reality? Then you might want to check out the StreetGasm 2000 event.

Eight days, 120 unique, exotic, and fast cars, 2000 miles road trip through Europe, and a ton of adventure. This was StreetGasm 2000: The lucky number seven. A unique racing event with its very own special racing trophy.

Not the ordinary racing experience

No ordinary car is allowed in the event. To earn the SG2K7 racing trophy, you must show the best of your luxurious car. All kinds of Porsches, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Audi RS models, and many more show their best side at the event.

The experience the event has to offer is unlimited. All the participants can enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience during the track. The event might be annual, but the tracks are not. Every year comes with a different track which means different experiences.

The driving experience is enjoyable not only for the participants but also for the supporters. There are tons of people who can enjoy watching their favorite cars passing by or having a closer look during the breaks.

SG2K racing sports cars

Besides the driving experience, there are a lot of other benefits for the participants. They can spend the night in 5-star hotels, go to exclusive parties, have private parking everywhere, enjoy a full breakfast, and many more.

The road to the explosive racing trophy takes 2000 miles all the way across Europe. The track will lead you from the East of Europe to the West. From Slovenia to Romania or, to be more specific, from Portoroz to Bucharest.

There is one mysterious part about the event, which is the route itself. Not a single participant will know the route in advance. The only location they know in advance is the starting location. From there on, the following locations will be announced every other day with the StreetGasm 2000 roadbooks.

SG2K7 racing trophy winners

An explosive racing trophy

Last but not least is the racing trophy itself. The 3D Trophy Factory was lucky to adjust the new trophy for this year's edition after designing the previous one. We are very proud of our laser cutted trophy, assembled from different unique materials. Enjoy the gallery below:

SG2K7 racing trophy